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Remotely access pc behind firewall from my dynamic-ip pc via a static-ip VPS

You didn't mentioned what type of access do you want to have exactly, SSH, VNC, ... but there are several options. Remote access software like TeamViewer or similar that you install on your workpc ...
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Why can't I access certain servers even though they are up?

Google sites working and most other sites failing is often evidence of a Path MTU Discovery (PMTUD) black hole. Google is about the only company that always sets their MTU a little lower to avoid this....
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Use powershell ssh client with custom CA bundle

It really depends on how restrictive your corporate firewall is, but I would make a jump host on digital ocean; and I would run ssh on an alternate port. create ubuntu host on digital ocean in /etc/...
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How to use regex in pfsense firewall logs (GUI)

You may want to include an exact match, This should do it (^67$|^137$). See this: https://www.php.net/manual/en/function.preg-match.php#105924
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How can I check what outbound ports are allowed in a network?

This is the final command I came up with that includes a one second timeout to iterate through more quickly: netcat -vz -w 1 portquiz.net 1-65535 2>&1 | grep succeeded The cli arguments may be ...

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