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non-unicode fonts displaying as gibberish in Windows 10 guest running in qemu

It's not a qemu issue. Windows needs to be switched to Hebrew as the system language. The user account can be English, or whatever, but the system language needs to be Hebrew.
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How to list installed font families?

You can use the command "fc-list" (FontConfig) which is included in MikeTex (as an example). Just run the command as: fc-list Or if you want to pipe it to the clipboard (much faster) fc-...
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Mixed UTF-16BE strings with ANSI in content stream of a PDF page object

Per the standard, 9.4.3 "Text Showing Operators": "A string operand of a text-showing operator shall be interpreted as a sequence of character codes identifying the glyphs to be painted....
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Mixed UTF-16BE strings with ANSI in content stream of a PDF page object

You should not mix 8 bit and 16 bit characters in the same group. I have seen it work with some vey few character cases but it very unreliable expecting readers to cope. We can combine various fonts ...
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Firefox and UI font size increase issue

You can also use: GDK_DPI_SCALE to change the UI scale on Linux (works for Thunderbird too). e.g. env GDK_DPI_SCALE=2 firefox
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What's 'Custom' in chrome's Customize fonts setting?

It looks like Chrome's font settings appears as "Custom" when fonts are not found. After installing ttf-mscorefonts-installer package, they appear correctly.
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Outlook 2016 View Plain Text Email in Font like Courier

It has been 7 years, but it's still relevant I guess. Otherwise, why would I have read this posting? My version of Outlook is 2021. It took me ages to find Stationary and Fonts, because I failed to ...
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