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How to SCP from Linux server to Windows client

Run this command to copy file from remote to local machine. scp username@ip:path_of_the_file Destination_path It will ask for credentials for the remote server.
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How to Connect VPS via SSH/Putty to FTP and transefer file from FTP to VPS and then delete file

Finally according to: use the bellow command mdelete folder_name/* rmdir folder_name
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ftp client connects OK, login OK, but a 'list' command returns: Unable to build data connection: No route to host

This is to line out the solution step by step: ProFTPd is the server, configured to use the PassivePorts directive. The firewall on the server is configured to allow FTP on port 21. The firewall on ...
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Can not connect to the FTP (hosting) - Windows - port 21 issue

I was having a lot of frustration trying to connect to my ftp site for the last several months. Some days it worked and some days it didn't. My customers could connect with it when I couldn't, so I ...
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Set the default directory above the root directory for FileZilla Server

Its possible to set the default paths in Site Manager I have marked the steps below in the screenshot. Make sure you are in the Advanced tab in the Site Manager
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Dir-3040 ftp server buffer overflow

The problem is most likely a software algorithm that causes memory overrun when reading the file into RAM before writing it out. Your only solutions would be to update all the software components to ...
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