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I'm getting on gitbash a warning WARNING: REMOTE HOST IDENTIFICATION HAS CHANGED! for github

The solution was to remove the existing entry from github in the known_hosts file and run the same command on gitbash. Then comes the question if you want to add the fingerprint from github. Answer ...
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KeePassXC and `.ssh/config` dont behave correctly when setting public key as Identity

The only difference to the ssh -T here seems to be that instead of explicit agent at the end it just says explicit. Any ideas on how to fix this? That means it has no connection to the SSH agent ...
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Why is there a save icon and a number next to my git branch in PowerShell oh-my-posh?

You can check default oh-my-posh themes definitions here. They are just JSON files with definitions of settings and segments - reusable types of thematic blocks. In this case you wanted to look for: &...
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Opening a file through Git Bash using a particular software (For Windows)

actually... the start command does work in Git Bash -- I've used it many times in scripts Git Bash scripts will also run Windows apps and let you modify file(s) in the directory you specify if: you ...
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Changed color settings of bash terminal are not applied

You need to put the settings of ble-face in ~/.blerc. The color settings by ble-face are only enabled in the shell session where they are executed. It's just the same as other shell settings like ...
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