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Delete just email attachments

The Thunderbird attachment AttachmentExtractor Continued is a fixed version of the original Add-on "AttachmentExtractor" which was no longer supported. It does what you want, but doesn't ...
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about sending mail from windows mail (gmail) from a linked account

Based on my test on Gmail and its linked account in Outlook desktop client, it doesn't work and it seems to be by design. I'm afraid that if you want to send from another account instead of your Gmail ...
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Gmail is hiding my emails when i scroll to bottom of inbox

For what's worth, the google Gmail App doesn't have this problem. However, using a cellphone web-browser to read your email limits the number of previous emails that you can see.
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Using chrome not signed in and then sign-in/sign-out. What happens

The short answer is that it depends. The worst case requires that nobody had ever signed into Chrome on that Chrome profile, and that you then sign into Chrome on the same Chrome profile. You would ...
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How to continue using msmtp OAuth 2.0 for Gmail in mutt after oob deprecation?

getmail6 solution getmail6 have somewhat solved this problem for Gmail (and Microsoft Office 365) with their Python script getmail-gmail-xoauth-tokens, though with the huge caveat that the Gmail API ...
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How to use the "Share" function of MS Office with Gmail + Chrome

What I found can be done is that you can use the Share function and it will launch in Outlook, but then you can drag the attachment from the unsent Outlook email message over to a composed Gmail email ...

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