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do subkeys on other devices needs to be re-issued and imported again after changing secret passphrase?

Passphrases are a local matter – they are only used for encrypting the files containing the key data, but they have absolutely no effect on the actual key material. You can independently change the ...
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How do I get thunderbird to use my gpg keyring?

In order to have Thunderbird use my GnuPG public key ring, I had to enable two options in the config editor (Settings -> General -> Config editor): mail.openpgp.allow_external_gnupg mail....
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GPG cannot generate keys

Problem resolved. I have found a bug. For some reason gpg is looking for a specific locale when you run it a second time. If your locale is EN_AU and en_US then it is missing a file gpg wants. But I ...
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How to check if a GPG encrypted file is encrypted using a specific public key?

Using this command will give you basic info if the file encrypted. gpg --list-packets <file abs path> Where you can find keyid and some basic info for the encrypted pgp key. In my case some of ...
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Is it possible to recover pass passwords from backup?

my attempts to use gpg --import have been unsuccessful. ... is it possible to decrypt and recover the passwords in the backup? Yes, but I don't think --import is the right choice here. Looking at the ...
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apt-get update issue in Kali

Update 2024 for convenience reasons: the current keyring file changed, use the following commands: # download wget
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