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Chrome extension - adding permanently

If you are on a windows domain there is a possibility that your admin might have setup some GPOs that configure Chrome extensions. I was trying to set those GPOs up for our own Extension that I built ...
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How to rename a Google chrome extension or completely hide it in ‘Manage extensions’?

To modify an extension is only possible if it is not yet installed, so uninstall it first. Now do: Install the extension Chrome Extension Source Viewer Click the "Extensions" icon and set ...
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Search only specific bookmarks folder in chrome without subfolders

The best I've found is the Bookmarks Manager Plus extension (formerly Atomic Bookmarks). You sort (using the middle of the five icons on the right) by hierarchy and page down to the results in ...
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Is there a way to use xterm on chromebook?

xpra-html5 can let you create multiple x sessions on the target server and show their output in your browser's tabs. it's much more than cool! the performance is good and the developer is very ...
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How to customise/choose your own colors in Google Keep?

Tl;Dr: Learn about userscripts. This site has userscripts, html,css,javascript,styles among other related tags.. From the question All I want is to have the freedom to choose the background color of ...
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Using Chrome extensions on PDF Files

A Chrome extension called Instant Multilingual PDF/HTML/TXT Translator can translate the selected text in the Chrome pdf viewer. Although some reviews mention a "free quota" problem, I have ...
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Chrome extensions settings - are they portable?

I'm not sure if you want to copy the settings over to another PC or if you want to just backup your Chrome extensions' settings for future use. If the latter is the case, they are backed up already by ...
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How can I open chrome extension in a tab instead of popup

Not all the extensions work the same but you can do this steps right click on it's pop up and select inspect go to console tab and type document.URL hit enter add that link to a bookmark bar and use ...
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