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How to quickly hide all the extensions in Chrome for the purpose of recording and screensharing?

I recommend (another) extension called "Extension Manager" for this. It has a setting to turn off all extensions with 2 clicks: Click the Extension icon Move the cursor to "Default&...
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My Chrome tab memory usage increases with every tab reload going up to 2GB per tab

I had tried disabling all chrome extensions but it had not worked before. I just disabled the extensions again and restarted chrome and issue is fixed. The issue was being caused by an extension that ...
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Upper limit of the number of tabs that Onetabs supports

The primary factors for how much data a program can handle are appropriate data structures and algorithms. When it comes to presenting this data on-screen, that’s a concern, too. A too-simplistic GUI ...
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How do I view, add or edit Cookies in Google Chrome?

At least for Chrome v124, it's now chrome://settings/content/all.
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