For questions specifically about the Drive File Stream client for Google's file synchronization and cloud storage service Google Drive.

Drive File Stream is a desktop client for the Google Drive cloud storage service, only available to G Suite users. The application is one of two successors for the Google Drive client, which was depreciated on May 12, 2018. The other successor to the Google Drive client is Google Backup and Sync, which is available to all users.

Drive File Stream offers a client for Mac and Windows that gives users remote access to all of their files stored in their Google Drive as well as any Team Drives that they are a part of. The application mounts a virtual hard disk on the user's computer, which allows users to access files over the internet without actually storing them on a local drive. The application also allows for files to be synced locally for quick offline access.

Questions here on Super User should be concerned primarily with the client application, local storage and file synchronization.

There is also a web application that allows managing your stored files as well as a number of office productivity apps (Google Documents, Google Spreadsheets, Google Presentations). Questions about that aspect of the service are off-topic here and should be asked at Web Applications.

There are also Android and iOS (iPhone/iPad) clients that allow for automatic synchronization to/from local storage on your device.

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