For questions specifically about the now-depreciated computer client for the file synchronization and cloud storage service from Google. This tag should not be used if your question is about Google Backup and Sync or Google Drive File Stream.

Google Drive is a web-based file synchronization service launched by Google on 24-April-2012. It replaced Google Docs and provides 15 GB of free storage (shared amongst Gmail, Google Drive, and Google+ Photos), with the option to rent more.

While the Google Drive web application still exists, the computer client application of the same name is officially depreciated as of May 12, 2018. It has been succeeded by two new client applications, Google Backup and Sync for home users, and Google Drive File Stream for enterprise users.

The Google Drive application offered a client for PC and Mac that automatically synced files in the background that are placed in a special folder (similar to Dropbox).

Questions here on Super User should be concerned primarily with the depreciated client app, local storage and file synchronization.

There is also a web application that allows managing your stored files as well as a number of office productivity apps (Google Documents, Google Spreadsheets, Google Presentations). Questions about that aspect of the service are off-topic here and should be asked at Web Applications.

There are also Android and iOS (iPhone/iPad) clients that allow for automatic synchronization to/from local storage on your device.

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