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How to flush / garbage collect GPU memory - Windows 10 - Nvidia Geforce GTX 1050 Ti

If it's your browser that's hogging the resources, there are typically internal page URI's that can trigger the release/refresh. For example, for Google Chrome, you can type into the omnibox: chrome:/...
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How to flush / garbage collect GPU memory - Windows 10 - Nvidia Geforce GTX 1050 Ti

I have same issue for few months and looking for same answer. I think the VRAM usage is slowly increasing even on idle. Also, on restart, the card is installed again, getting a new instance ID. I did ...
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How to correctly use 2 PSUs in a multi-GPU server

I have three motherboards where I have 3x 4090´s on one power supply and 3x 4090´s on another. I've not had an issue. From what I've read just make sure the grounding on both is the same, so make sure ...
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why the ffmpeg cuda decoder much slower than the cpu decoder?

-c:v h264_cuvid is calling CUVID, which is slower and less efficient than NVENC. Replace it it with -c:v h264_nvenc CUVID for encode and decode is decades old and should be considered depreciated. It ...
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What is the difference between a GPU with 1x 16GB vs 2x 8GB VRAM?

If your workload requires more than 8GB of VRAM for optimal performance, you'll see significant performance loss as the GPU(s) need to swap to system RAM or storage. If your workload uses 8GB or less ...
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Dedicated GPU memory of ryzen 5 5500u

For an APU (integrated graphics) there is little difference between dedicated RAM and shared RAM in terms of performance for most situations. Dedicated RAM for an APU is memory that is permanently ...
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How to use dedicated GPU over Thunderbolt

I had the very same need and based on some posts on reddit, I enabled iGPU on ASRock Z790 ITX/TB4 (iGPU multimonitor in BIOS) and ran TB output to a DELL U4025QW display. While the connection itself ...
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Make WSL register GPU as the correct GPU and not a microsoft driver

What you wish to do will not work (>98%). WSL is a limited form of Virtual Machine and as such does not pass host hardware to the guest machine. That is quite normal. I did some reading on Hyper-V (...
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