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Grab (the OSX screen capture utility) creates TIFFs by default, and there is no way to change that (The settings dialog does not offer a file format option, and I didn't find any other way). It does so irrespective of the default screen capture format (which is PNG unless you have a very old OS X version). That is, even if you use the defaults write "hack" ...


Snagit is the only software I've found for the mac that can do this for scrolling application windows as well as web pages. There is a pretty good tutorial available, but basically when you are making a capture you can click on the vertical scrolling button and it will manually scroll the application window and piece together all the shots to make a ...


AFAIK it's not possible to capture a specific window with ffmpeg, the x11grab entry in the manual only refers to screens and it suggests that the region you specify is static (if you move the window ffmpeg does not follow it): However GStreamer offers some more flexibility in this case: gst-launch-1.0 ...


Considering this question is the top result on Google for "mac grab save as png", I thought I'd add my workaround for this. The Grab app allows you to include a mouse pointer in a screenshot, which I use frequently to illustrate hover states and such. The built-in ⌘-Shift-3 / 4 screenshot utility doesn't have this functionality, as far as I know. So here's ...


I had the same strange Screen-Capture on my Computer as I accidentally pressed CTRL+F1. I figured out, that this is a Function from the Maxthon Browser. As soon as I close this Browser CTRL+F1 does not bring up this anymore. Could be probably the same thing for you.


I have found great success with ANT Video Downloader to download streaming video. It is a free Firefox extension.

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