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How to unlock/erase BIOS password locked hard disks without the original computers?

Is it possible that the BIOS locked hard disks require the original computers to unlock them? If you (or someone) set a hard drive password with the laptop when it was alive and running, then you ...
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How does “dd” determine where to start copying disk blocks?

It starts from 0 and increments by one until it reaches the end. It's actually not dd that determines the sequence – the kernel does. During the copy process, dd doesn't specify which sectors to read, ...
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Moving installation files between drives

An installation file can be invoked from any disk and (almost) any folder. You may move the installation files anywhere you like and there is no need to copy them back.
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hdparm error: SG_IO: bad/missing sense data

Not one answer or comment has mentioned it since this question has been asked 5 years ago, but there's actually an extremely easy way to decode a Sense error message on your machine locally: Use the ...
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