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How can I zero out only the USED space on a storage drive?

Zeroing out non-zero bytes is likely to be error prone and not significantly faster - indeed it's likely to be slower and you will need to read the whole disk to determine what needs to be read. If ...
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disk util is very high + what the proactive steps we can do in order to minimize it

From what I see in vmstat (when the machine is loaded) you have serious amount of I/O operations, you have big amount of interrupts (usually for again I/O operations) and you have significant ...
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How to test for ext4 Partition? Not ext4 Filesystem

The mkpart command does not actually create the file system: the fs-type parameter [ext4 in your case] will simply be used by parted to set partition type GUID for GPT partitions or partition type ID ...
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Optimize file system for parallel read for HDD

I managed to find solution, making large cluster for ext4 did not help at all but command to read ahead have: blockdev --setra 65536000 /dev/sdc Now I tested it and average speed with 7 nodes that ...
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