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How to retrieve files from a Microsoft Surface Go 2 with broken screen?

Just disconnect your internal screen and boot with your external screen connected. It worked with my Surface Go 1.
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Laptop boots only after a couple of tries?

Boot time is the most demanding as regarding power consumption. It's possible that your power-supply (PSU) has weakened, especially if the laptop is not new (which model?). If you have recently ...
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Red light on Motherboard indicating CPU and DRAM problems

I had a similar problem, where the pc wouldnt post, while the status leds were switching between CPU and DRAM. I had to fix the bent pins on my motherboard's CPU socket, which solved the problem.
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Random black screen with nvidia gpu on laptop

I have mentioned below the steps to avoid this black screen while playing the game. Upgrades to your system's hardware are the final stage in fixing the black screen issue that occurs when playing ...
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HP Laptop Fan bursts and then stops, trying to start but immediately puffing to an end

Replacing the fan resolved the issue
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PC shutdown suddenly and idk the cause

I solved it by cleaning my pc, applying thermal paste, adding a case cooler, and switching my CPU cooler for a better one. It reached 85 ºC under CPU-Z stress, but now just 70 ºC. I saw broken ...

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