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What is the Windows hotkey to minimise a single, currently active window?

A small workaround is Alt + Esc – it doesn't minimize the active window but places it behind all other windows. The effect is similar however. I know it's not precisely what the question asker wanted,...
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Alt+F7 stopped working

Open NVidia GeForce Experience Settings -> General Disable Share totally (newer: In-Game Overlay). This will free the binding of Alt F7 among lots of others. If you do use Share feature you can use ...
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How to remove hotkey on Amazon Kindle PC that opens application

The hotkey is defined on the application shortcut. You can roughly follow the instructions in Open the start menu Search for ...
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Greenshot: The hotkey(s) "PrintScreen, Alt + PrintScreen, Ctrl + PrintScreen, ..." could not be registered

On a new PC, press printscreen and the first time OneDrive pops up and offers you to save screenshots. Select No and the key will be free for Greenshot.
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Is there a Windows 10 Hotkey or Shortcut for switching to a specific display?

The built-in DisplaySwitch.exe tool can emulate the + P capabilities. You can potentially create four desktop shortcuts so that you have one available for each option: For the PC screen only: %...
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Language Hotkeys removed by itself in Windows 10

I finally found the solution and I am posting, in case someone else has the problem. 1- Define your hot-keys. 2- Search and find the "region" settings palette and go to administrative tab. Now go ...
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How can I clear the current line of the Windows command prompt?

Aside from the two that Myyrddin covered - Esc and Ctrl+C - there are also two more shortcuts related to clearing the current input in CMD. Ctrl+Home will clear all characters in the input before the ...
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Why do I have to hit tab twice to Alt+Tab away from Microsoft Excel?

In Excel 2010 and below, Go to "Excel Options" → "Advanced" → "Display", Uncheck "Show all windows in the Taskbar", Click "OK" to close the Options ...
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How to create a new text document (TXT) file by a Hotkey?

You can actually use your keyboard to naviagte the right-click menu. Just right click and press W then T. If you want to customise a keyboard shortcut, you could use something like AutoHotKey. An ...
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How do I find out which programs have registered global hotkeys in Windows 10?

Hotkeys and multimedia keys may be overridden by hardware or drivers(unlikely), by a running program, or by system setting. These three are distinct, and need different ways to check and solve. ...
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Disable hardwired chrome hot key ctrl+w?

Only solution that worked for me was to rebind Ctrl+W to some extension keyboard shortcut. Go to chrome://extensions. At bottom right look for keyboard extensions. Add Ctrl+W as shortcut to any ...
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What does "Ctrl+Alt+Shift+F" key combination in Windows 10 Pro (Version 1903) do?

This problem is reported on several support forums for products that use this key combination. According to all reports this is a problem introduced by the update to Windows 10 version 1903, when this ...
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What is the Windows hotkey to minimise a single, currently active window?

AutoHotKey script for Minimize: ;=============================================================================; ; WINDOWS KEY + Alt + Down -- Minimizies Active window ;===============================...
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What is the hotkey to show Chrome extensions?

Right-click in the Chrome address bar Select "Edit search engines..." from the menu Scroll down to "Site search" Click the "Add" button at the right Where you see: "...
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Is there a Windows 10 Hotkey or Shortcut for switching to a specific display?

+ P toggles three modes: Local only Local + External (TV) -- duplicated Local + External (TV) -- extended My advise is to leave things set at #3 most of the time. In this mode, all of your screens ...
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On a Mac, what is the hotkey associated with the image of an arrow pointing right ⇥?

Top (Gray) image is Tab Bottom (Bold) image is Shift+Tab Mac Keyboard Shortcuts
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How do I prevent pages I visit from overriding selected Firefox shortcut keys?

Since Firefox 58 it is possible to disable keyboard shortcuts override per web site. "Override Keyboard Shortcuts" and many other permissions are available in "Page Info -> Permissions" (under info ...
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Intellij ctrl+alt+arrow hotkeys not working

I disabled the Intel HD Graphics Control Panel Service from loading at startup, Restarted and now it works fine.
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Find out what program is using a hotkey

Sorry I can't suggest an alternative to Hotkey Explorer for Windows 8 or 10. It's a godsend on Windows 7. I can only offer you the most primitive way of handling this problem. First, close all your ...
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Find out what program is using a hotkey

You can use the tool Spy++ that comes with Visual Studio: It will allow you to see what window and process are receiving the WM_HOTKEY window message. If ...
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Windows hotkey to change keyboard layout

On Windows 10 press Win + Space to cycle through the languages. You may need to press multiple times until you see the overlay.
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MobaXterm captures hotkeys when I am in another program

There's no built-in option to disable the pop-up terminal, but you can disable/change the specific hotkey that is interfering: Click Settings --> Keyboard Shortcuts. Select a hotkey to be modified ...
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How to remove hotkey on Amazon Kindle PC that opens application

You also need to check to see if there is a Kindle shortcut on your desktop. If so, you will also need to remove the shortcut key from that shortcut using the same instructions here. I found that ...
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Windows: Ctrl + Shift + N opens Internet Explorer instead of Chrome incognito

Some progams like ClipX will "take over" shortcuts, including Ctrl+Shift+N for their own purposes. You can either remove the program or right-click the icon in the tray and choose Configure to change ...
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How do I accept an autocompletion suggestion using keyboard in Windows 10?

Press Up to select the first text suggestion Press Left and Right to switch between the different text suggestions Press Enter to use the text suggestion of your choosing
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How to create a new text document (TXT) file by a Hotkey?

This isn't a hotkey as such but can be accomplished entirely on the keyboard and doesn't require any programs or system changes: ALT+h, w and then press ↑ or ↓ as many times as necessary.
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What is the hotkey to put my Windows to sleep?

Starting in Windows 8, and continuing in Windows 10 at least as of the Creators Update, the +x menu allows quick access to the "shut down or sign out menu." And it has sensible accelerators; "u" for ...
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Hotkey to Mute Mic on Mac OS X?

Finally I got a perfect solution to mute my mac, What I did was to install this MuteMyMic , Just to know when having visual representation if the microphone is muted or not all the time. Then I ...
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Creating hotkey or keyboard shortcut for pasting specific text phrase in Mac OSX

In 2022, the simple way to do this without any scripting or third-party products is to use the Shortcuts app. In the Shortcuts app, click + to create a new shortcut. Double-click or drag the Text ...
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Intellij ctrl+alt+arrow hotkeys not working

no need to disable IntelHDGraphics control panel (IHDGCP) just disable shortcuts 1) right click IHDGCP icon in the tray 2) graphics options 3) hot keys 4) disable thats it.
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