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Hidden Icons Window In Windows 7 Occupying 50% Of The Screen

I opened the "show hidden icons" window and mine was also HUGE! (With very small icons). While window was active and mouse cursor within the window, I held the "Windows" key down ...
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How can I hide bookmarks toolbar folder icons in Firefox 103.0 on Ubuntu Mate 22.04, or customize bookmarks-toolbar folder icons and hide the text?

It appears that newer versions of Firefox have started to ignore userChrome.css by default, which caused this issue. Following these steps will make the old userChrome.css modifications to hide the ...
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Make old icon disappear from system tray automatically after SpeedFan restarts

The following batch will move the curer over the icons and the ones from programs that have exited will be removed: Look at for free functions. SET "...
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Where does Windows store icon positions?

I had similar problems - the import would not change anything. Then tried the below steps and it worked on Win 7: Export the registry entry Re-arrange one or more icons for testing Kill explorer.exe (...
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How do I make my taskbar icons/items this small?

Go to "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Advanced" Create a new DWORD (32bit) TaskbarSmallIcons and set the value to 1. Restart explorer after that. (End ...
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