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How can I display GIMP's logo in the taskbar instead of a thumbnail?

Thumbnails in the task bar icon have been removed as of Gimp version 2.99.8. Currently that version is only available via the development branch of Gimp. If you want to use it, download it here: https:...
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Where is the Icon Tray (notification area) registry stored?

This is my Powershell script that I've created for Windows 11 :) #Title: Unhide systemtray icon by name.exe #Version: 1.0 # List of executable paths to search for $executablePaths = @( "*...
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Some .exe files have blank icons on taskbar despite having icons

The problem is simple, when GOG installers install the games, they create shortcuts in the game directory and shortcuts in the start menu. All these shortcuts use the icon files found in the ...
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How to change pinned Taskbar Icon of Whatsapp?

The only way you can do this, is by editing the .exe file with a resource editor and change it there. This is not really a good solution though because any update will undo the changes, and WhatsApp ...
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