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DO NOT USE THIS TAG! It has been retired. If you have a question about a disk image (a file that represents the contents and structure of a data disk), use [disk-image] or [iso-image] instead. If you have a question related to picture files, use a tag related to what you are doing with the images, such as [image-editing], [image-processing], or [image-conversion].

DO NOT USE THIS TAG! It has been retired. See Girl, you're a mess: [images] needs a makeover.

Question referring to pictures should be tagged according to what you are trying to do with them. Better tags that may possibly apply to your question:

Question referring to representations of data stored on a disk should be tagged , or if the storage media is an optical disk.

Examples of system images are:

  • Images created / restored by hard drive cloning programs
  • LiveCD images
  • Virtualised machine images
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