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Thunderbird fails gmail OAuth2 despite correct credentials

Sorry to add as answer instead of comments (due to reputation). Just solved a similar/same issue by setting Firefox as browser as given by @Feldmarshall, and then I needed to set cookie exceptions for:...
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Thunderbird not showing new/unread junk emails

This method worked for me: Right click on "Junk" folder Click "Properties" Check mark "When getting new messages for this account, always check this folder" Click "...
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Moving message from trash to inbox causes message to get lost in Thunderbird

I fixed this by moving another mail from the trash to another IMAP folder other than the inbox. That triggered a sync and now my mails are back.
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How can I get Thunderbird to check subfolders on IMAP?

In 2023 and beyond, here's what you need to do: First, open Config Editor by going to Settings->General and scroll to the bottom, then click Config Editor. Next, search for mail.server.default....
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How do I reload enitre mbox file into the inbox folder in Dovecot?

I've read up on mbox specification and there doesn't seem to be any mechanism that would indicate that the e-mail has been moved by the IMAP server to a folder. When a message is moved to a folder, ...
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Seperate mail coming from addresses that specified multiple recipients

This would need two rules : Rule 1: Mail "sent only to me" - and stop processing more rules Rule 2: Move all mail to a specified folder. If you don't want to delete the emails, you ...
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Can't set up Gmail account in Thunderbird

Same issue but no luck with existing fix I found online: Turn on cookie permission (source) Remove all related already saved passwords related to the Gmail account (including the SMTP servers even) (...
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Googles shutting down LSA and its effect on Gmail IMAP/POP

I think the POP access can be handled the same way as someone who is using "Send mail as" for another Google address, where OAuth is also unavailable. I just helped a user with this (send ...
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