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How to import data in Excel from the clipboard as if it was in a text file?

Text to columns (in data tab) have almost the same functionality than your "import from text file has". You can split the text to columns by fixed length or at separators, select data type for each ...
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Importing an EPS vector file to Microsoft Word without losing quality

Convert the .eps file to .emf (Enhanced MetaFile, a spool file format used in printing by Microsoft software). There are several ways to do this conversion; for example by using the following ...
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gpg2 asking for passphrase when importing secret keys

The issue was explained here in the GnuPG bugtracker; I did not see that earlier today. The solution is: gpg2 --batch --import ~/.gnupg/secring.gpg
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How do I import Microsoft Sticky Notes from Windows 7 to Windows 10

On your Windows 7 machine, navigate to the following folder: %AppData%\Microsoft\Sticky Notes Save the StickyNotes.snt file found within to an external backup device. On your Windows 10 machine, ...
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How to import data in Excel from the clipboard as if it was in a text file?

Alternatively, if you have the text data on your clipboard, you can Use Text Import Wizard...  (I've confirmed that this works for Excel 2010+; not sure about older versions.)
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Is there an easy way to convert a Parallels disk to a VirtualBox disk?

The procedure is like this: (Parallels Desktop 12) 1) Prepare the Parallels VM by removing the Parallels Tools and anything that is “special" (mounts, shared folders, etc).. sudo /usr/lib/parallels-...
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Google Chrome: Import/Export Passwords?

Enable password export in Chrome by going to chrome://flags/#password-import-export, then you can export it to CSV file. Source: How to Export and Import passwords in Chrome browser.
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New .gnupg directory: Import old secret keys into new install

First of all, you're doing a kind of "no-op". gpg is still GnuPG 1.4.20 on Ubuntu 16.04, while gpg2 made a jump from GnuPG 2.0.28 to 2.1.11. Then, while GnuPG 2.1 made some changes to the file formats ...
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Import Chrome bookmarks from previous installation

I was unable to make Chrome and Firefox restore my bookmarks from the Bookmarks or Bookmarks.bak json files. But I found this really helpful online tool to convert those json files to an HTML file ...
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Transfer history from firefox to chrome?

Transferring history, bookmarks and other things are easy. Go to Chrome Type "chrome://settings/importData" in url. Then choose what you need to transfer and import. After that, you should have all ...
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Excel CSV import treating quoted strings of numbers as numeric values, not strings

Excel will auto-detect the format of a CSV field unless the CSV column is in this format: "=""Data Here""" This also works for Google sheets
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Import passwords from LastPass to Firefox

Here is an up-to-date method answer: Export from Lastpass: Open your Vault Click on the three dots (More Options) in the bottom left corner and then: Advanced > Export Save the .csv file Import ...
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Where is VirtualBox's virtual hard disks repository?

At the risk of being scolded for not answering the EXACT question... On Ubuntu (and other Linux distributions?), the directory is: /home/[USER NAME]/.config/VirtualBox
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Can I retrieve and access a simple JSON object via HTTP in LibreOffice Calc?

After 4 years, they still haven't implemented the suggested FILTERJSON(). This is obviously not a real solution, but one that works for now, for very simple cases: Send a request to your API using: =...
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Import passwords from LastPass to Firefox

Here is a simple python script to transform the export into import.csv file="Export.csv" print(""" "hostname","username","password","formSubmitURL","httpRealm","usernameField","passwordField" """ ) ...
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What are the "tmp" .RAW files showing up when importing pics from Android to Windows PC?

It seems these temporary images are originating from the LPE folder. Basing on the explanation give on this answer: The LPE folder is used by Samsung's Camera and Photo Editor apps. The files ...
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Can I retrieve and access a simple JSON object via HTTP in LibreOffice Calc?

I've found the easiest way is using the GetRest Plugin for LibreOffice. You can use separate cells, one for pulling the data, one for formatting it, and so on. However by combining functions (or ...
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Import passwords from LastPass to Firefox

The LastPass add-on for Firefox has an option to do this. Choose Tools → Advanced Tools → Export To → Firefox
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I need to change the palette (.pal file) of multiple images at once. How can I do this?

First you create a new palette by using one of the photos that already has the color plaette applyed to it. ffmpeg -i SomeImage.png -vf "palettegen" MyPalette.png Then you copy the following ...
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Outlook 2007 - Move EVERYTHING

There is possible way to do this On The Old Machine Outlook 2007 is nice enough to put all of its account info for each profile under one key. HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\...
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Excel 2010 - Get CSV wizard to open by default

Just checking, do you use this method? Data Tab then From Text
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GnuPG 2.2 refuses secret key import: "error sending to agent: operation cancelled"

The issue – I think – is that GnuPG detects that it is running in a pipe, i.e. in a non-interactive shell. Since non-interactive means there's no user interacting with it, there is little point in ...
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I know how to fix Excel dates stored as text, but *why* does it happen?

So, which is the culprit: exporting tool, or Excel? In one word, both. Any export utility that creates an Excel formatted file (xls, xlsx, etc) should use Excel formats but far too many don't and we ...
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GPG imported and exported public keys do not match

It actually looks a lot like the key on the website – only differing in a few characters at the beginning and in the middle1. In fact, if you strip off the Base64 encoding using gpg --dearmor and then ...
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gpgsm: Cannot import private key

It turned out to be a bug that is fixed in GnuPG 2.2.35. See this mail thread.
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How to transfer saved Firefox passwords into Google Chrome

I understand that the problem is importing into Chrome passwords from Portable Firefox, and the difficulty is that Chrome cannot detect this version of Firefox for automatic import. Although not ...
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Import e-mail via IMAP into GMail?

When using Google Apps Gmail you don't get Import by default. Your administrator must enable this explicitly.
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How to transfer Firefox passwords to Opera

FINALLY!!..... Opera would not import Mozilla passwords despite the option (apparently). All my bookmarks were imported without issue. Mozilla does encrypt/decrypt saved passwords using the Master ...
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Anki fails to import from .csv file

I just had this. You need to modify your note type so that it generates cards from the fields in the note. Go to Manage Notes Types and select the note you want to use. Add or modify at least one ...
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