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Will Rufus allow me to UPGRADE to windows 11 pro with a local account, or does a local account require a clean install?

The option is not relevant because Windows upgrades do nothing regarding accounts in the first place – you'll continue to have exactly the same files, registry, and accounts as before. That's what ...
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Windows 11 Pro installation issue. Asrock Z790 PG Lightning

SOLUTION I managed to solve the problem by creating my own installation media. I've downloaded media creation tool from microsoft's website and downloaded .iso using it (this can also be done directly)...
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Install WSL dist on physical drive

WSL not in a vhdx file is a contradiction. WSL is Hyper-V and the vhdx is a virtual machine. You can install the Linux distribution on an external disk, but that only means that the vhdx will reside ...
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Installing Linux (Debian ) with software RAID

As far as I am aware, it is not possible to install Debian 11 directly onto a software raid partition, because this is a "chicken-egg" problem. To explain: the software raid requires some ...
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Orange and white stripes on Windows 10 installation

I've had this issue of orange and white stripes when trying to install Windows 10 22H2 on a new drive in a computer that ran it fine before. Changing TPM and various other settings to legacy only ...
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