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Cannot boot after applying OpenCore Legacy Patcher Monterey for a MacBook5,1 (Late 2008 Aluminum Unibody)

Creating the USB install flash drive alone does not put an EFI boot partition on it. At least Version 1.5.0 of OCLP suggests that it be installed, right after all the installation files have been ...
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Changing Windows' default system directory on installation

I can't find an official source stating this. But I've read in various places that this hasn't been supported since Vista (e.g. Dell forums, some other places I forget now). The old Windows installer ...
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Windows 10 USB installation stuck at 'Copying Windows files (0%)'

I know this is an old question but playing around with an old server I got given which I am re-purposing, I just ran into this. The device, when I got it, had Win 7 installed but locked out ...
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Am I able to choose which drive I can reinstall windows on?

If the m.2 drive will fit in the desktop, leave it there and boot from the usual desktop drive. Then you can just copy all the data you need from the m.2 onto the desktop. Then you can move the m.2 ...
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Am I able to choose which drive I can reinstall windows on?

I think you are taking the wrong road here if you are trying to save the laptop with usb and using desktop .iso install. Return your m.2 back into laptop but ...While you have the m.2 in your desktop ...
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Am I able to choose which drive I can reinstall windows on?

When you run setup from inside a running windows, it will indeed use the location the current windows is installed onto, and perform a Reset this PC function. In order to specify what partition/...
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Cannot install specific package versions via apt

Apt looks through the repositories defined in its sources.list file, likely stored at /etc/apt/sources.list for available package versions. The way to get the version you want once those official/...
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How do you install git-filter-repo?

In 2024 it's already avaiable via APT for Debian/Ubuntu sudo apt install git-filter-repo
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Firefox web browser installed automatically from Windows Store on new Windows 11 machine?

There are 4 most-likely explanations: The first likely explanation is that your new computer was supposed to come pre-installed with Firefox, but that the manufacturer did not actually install it (as ...
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Windows 10 Pro 64-bit Blue Screen while trying to install NVidia 555.85 WHQL (even clean install) through GeForce Experience

Similar BSOD issue during installation with 555.* and 556.* drivers on a Core 2 Quad Q9550 based system. However, going back to 554.22 works fine. As the issue is not widespread enough for nVidia to ...
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