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Where to find Internet Explorer Accelerators after MS decimated IE Gallery

After much digging, I found that the Way Back Machine DID archive the XML files associated with each entry, and I've been able to extract 144 OpenSearch and openService XML files from the old IE ...
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Edit cookies in Internet Explorer 10

You can to use console of IE to edit any value of cookie Now first hit below commond document.cookie It will return you some key values. Now use below command to edit or create new key values ...
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IE10 downloading files has .exe become _exe

As Mitch answered, It seems to be a bug (handle leak) of PcaSvc (Program Compatibility Assistant Service) which should be fixed with: Error message when you try to download a file by using Internet ...
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Can't Install IE 10 on brand new Windows 7

After reading @jose-ortiz's very helpful answers and the comments, I did the following when I could not upgrade from IE 10 to 11 on a Windows 7 x64 machine I was working on. I think these steps may ...
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