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How much internet speed does Youtube, Twitch, etc. have?

Yes. Of-course if the content is popular what will likely happen is it will be distributed/cached across multiple locations so that it can be distributed more efficiently. Strictly speaking there can ...
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Create private WiFi network on shared apartment network - being blocked somehow?

Solved. It was a TTL issue; it seems that the apartment is setting TTL of incoming packets to 1 to prevent other routers from being added. I saved the following line into my DD-WRT startup script, and ...
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Prioritize LAN cable to access network (shared) drives over Wi-Fi

I've vaguely got a similar setup or used one in the past. It needs a little bit of tweaking but there's a few elements here Treat the wifi and wired networks as two different subnets, say 192.168.1.x ...
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What is the difference between bridge connection and internet connection sharing?

Here's the difference, since you didn't get an answer: Internet Connection Sharing: With ICS, users can share a public Internet connection with a private home or small business network. In an ICS ...
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