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Allow internet for a private network computer via other computer on the same private network

Finally how I make it to work(the bolded sections were essential)... On hetzner admin, I added a route to my network( where: destination: gateway: -> this is my ...
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How to permanently disable firewall in Red Hat Linux

You can achieve this in a single command with: sudo systemctl disable --now firewalld
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How iptables SNAT deal with src port dilemma between port translation fr local ip and DNAT rule that forwards all traffic to the same local ip?

Existing conntrack states (the "NAPT records") always have priority over any -t nat rules. If you remember, the -t nat table is only visited by one packet per connection – that's because any ...
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WireGuard Throughput Issues

How about this: Try to set mtu with value 1300 , mss with value 1260 on both sides(vyos and other server). I'm sure it will be work just as I did. You can try to install vyos on the cloud vps. ...
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