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How to configure KDE for convenient switching between 3 keyboard layouts?

Unfortunately, KDE does not do this in a sensible manner. To my best knowledge there are only two viable options when you have to work with more than two keyboard layouts (I use three): Gnome 3 on ...
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KDE 5 panel doesn't show pager widget although I've added it (twice)

A little bit late but this is for the 2024 version of Plasma: First of all: Configure Virtual Desktop ( as a Sergei suggested) System Settings -> General Behavior -> Virtual Desktops Then if it ...
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Properly switch Caps Lock and Esc

Figured out how to do it, from this answer: Set up keyd Add the following to /etc/keyd/default.conf: capslock = escape escape = capslock Run sudo keyd reload
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"Error changing directory to '/' " error when trying to browse files on android via KDE connect via WINSCP

simple Workaround is In the address tab change it to /storage/emulated/0 to access internal storage and /storage/1234-1234/ (replace 1234 for your device specific memory card directory) for memory ...
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