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udev parameter in efistub same thing as udev config file?

I am concerned about using this parameter because I don't see it in the kernel parameters documentation. It's not a kernel parameter, strictly speaking; it's a parameter that is read from the kernel ...
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Booting from a persistent live usb on MX linux and enabling systemd?

As far as I understand you're trying to make an encrypted USB drive with persistent storage. Most likely it's not your kernel parameters that are the problem, but the initramfs (often called initrd). ...
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No OpenSSL sign-file signing_key.pem leads to error while loading kernel modules

this command works for me, on Manjaro Linux, 2023: Some people reported that running sudo depmod -a may fix the problem.
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What's the cause of this silent LiveKernelEvent 193?

This is a hardware/driver error, but except for the WER report, all other information is missing, even the .dmp file indicated in the WER report. Try to examine the Event Viewer to see if you can find ...
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Interpreting an ACPI error: No handler for Region

RTCM = Intel Real-Time Configuration Manager AML = ACPI Machine Language exfldio is a kernel ACPI module GRT is an ACPI method From linked Intel TCC Tools 2022.2 Dev guide: RCTM is an EFI ...
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UDP: bad checksum + from the dmesg

This is caused by the checksum offloading. You can check in tcpdump or wireshark that the checksum is zero. This is because checksum processing happens on the hardware layer. Similar question was ...
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Arbitrary other processes hang when I "pause" one - how can I pause processes "better"/figure out how to un-deadlock?

Not an answer to all of my questions, but my solution to the issue at hand. After digging around some more (and after a clean reboot, and never having paused LibreWolf) I'd see more weirdness, like ...

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