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Disable Windows Start menu without disabling the Windows key in Windows 10

Here's the answer: #Requires AutoHotkey v2.0 #SingleInstance Force LWin:: { Send "{LWin Down}" } LWin Up:: { Send "{Blind}{vkE8}{LWin Up}" } Enjoy
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Is there a shortcut to open the Bluetooth quick menu in Windows 11?

This is not exactly what you want but it has the Bluetooth quick menu. Using this you can connect to your device in just one click. On Windows 11, press Win + [i] and it should open a settings home ...
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How to disable Win+W and Win+C hotkeys on Windows 11

I tried the above answers, but The PowerToys KeyboardManager has been changed and it seems setting it to Disable no longer works consistently. What for me worked is instead of using Disable was using ...
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Mac - How can I see if Secure input is enabled? Better Touch Tool being blocked by 1password

The following solution worked for me: Open the terminal Create a file sudo nano Paste the code: #!/bin/bash output=$(ioreg -l -w 0 | grep "...
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Windows 11 keyboard shortcut to show hidden files

ChatGPT solved this issue for me. I can use CTRL+SHIFT+H to toggle it seamlessly.You need PowerToys and it's made by Microsoft. It's very good. PowerShell Script: Create a PowerShell script named &...
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How to configure KDE for convenient switching between 3 keyboard layouts?

Unfortunately, KDE does not do this in a sensible manner. To my best knowledge there are only two viable options when you have to work with more than two keyboard layouts (I use three): Gnome 3 on ...
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Find out what program is using a hotkey

After having no luck on my Windows 10 system with the Visual Studio or the spy++ github, and with the other answers being abandoned, I was able to find hotkey detective which worked perfectly for me ...
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How to access the “\” key on a QWERTY UK keyboard?

An old question - but one which I've spent days looking for the answer to! I'm running KDE Plasma 5.27.5 (Debian 12) and I'm using a USA keyboard with a UK layout. It works fine until you want to ...
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Is there a shortcut to go down a slide while focused on speaker notes?

Instead of viewing the presentation in normal view, choose View | Notes Pages. You'll get an image of the slide plus a much larger view of your own notes text. And PageDown will take you to the next ...
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Is there a shortcut to go down a slide while focused on speaker notes?

Your core issue is that you are using the Notes section for a purposes it was not intended. Notes in Powerpoint are Speakers Notes, not student notes. In its default state, PowerPoint requires focus ...
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F2 key to rename not working on Windows 11

There is going to be a key combination to toggle this on and off. It is different for every keyboard, but common options are fn+space, shift+fn, fn+esc, pressing fn twice quickly, etc. This will be ...
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How to Move the cursor one word to the left in ms excel?

To move the cursor one word to the left in Microsoft Excel, you can use the following keyboard shortcut: Press Ctrl + Left Arrow This shortcut will move the cursor to the beginning of the previous ...
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How to Move the cursor one word to the left in ms excel?

Excel (just as LibreOffice) behaves notably different when Cell content is "entered" (by just starting typing) When you EDIT the cell (by first hitting f2) Test in LibreOffice: CTRL+   ← ...
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How to disable workspace switching keys (ctrl-alt-arrow) in Mate / Macro

In general, to find out which keybindings are used by mate gsettings can be queryed. Example listing keybindings for workspace: gsettings list-recursively org.mate.Marco|grep keybindings|grep ...
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