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I just was struggling with something very similar to this and finally found a fix. My particular issue was caused by using the proprietary nvidia drivers with Ubuntu 20.04 LTS. I am hooking up an older VGA monitor (Rosewill R912E, 1280x1024 native res) which improperly reports EDID info. The nvidia drivers try to run at 85 hz and the monitor pops up an ...


The USB keyboard protocol is limited to 6 keys pressed simultaneously + 3 modifier keys. To bypass this limitation, some keyboards report to computer as a USB hub with multiple keyboards connected to it. If your KVM switch was just directly passing through its USB port to the active computer, it would work fine, but this approach has two disadvantages: You ...


You can stress each core in the VM one at a time and observe the CPU usage of each core using top or htop on the host. This should confirm which core in the guest corresponds to which core on the guest.


The Configuration you made are incomplete you will need to isolate the specified cpus through a kernel parameters isolcpus=0-3 nohz_full=0-3 rcu_nocbs=0-3 after adding the parameters reboot your system and check the cpu activity for the specified cpus you will find no activity, start your vm and you will notice that the isolated cpus will start showing signs ...

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