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How to best isolate computer in public LAN

Yes, you can use a NAT router to shield yourself, as described in the linked question. (This or may not be frowned upon by the network operators, not that they can reliably detect it.) But you don’t ...
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Home LAN Setup - Poor transfer rate

Your Verizon boxes are using a technology called MoCA 2.5 to communicate with each other over the pre-existing coaxial cables in your house. MoCA 2.5 is capable of 2.5Gbps under ideal conditions, but ...
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How to access LAN subnets from other subnets with interzone firewalling on the same router?

I wanted the net1 - 4 subnets to be sanely numbered, which is why lan's CIDR is /19, as my understanding (which may be incorrect) is if lan was set to a subnet mask encompassing the subnets of net3 - ...
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