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Can a LAN adapter cause a whole home network to crash?

Yes, it's possible for an Ethernet device to sabotage the entire network. At work, a core switch died and started flooding the network with invalid Ethernet frames at ~700 MBits/s. This caused all PCs ...
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How to use Wireless and Wired Connection both at a same time in Windows 7?

The trick is to change the network card priority so that the wireless connection remains active when a wired connection is made. The first step is to get to the "Control Panel > Network and Internet >...
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Can a 22 gauge 10 conductor multi-core wire be used in a home Ethernet implementation? What will be the data rate/range on this setup?

That will work very badly, if at all. I actually tried this many years ago by using 4-wire non-shielded and non-twisted cable (also 22 AWG) instead of a regular CAT5. In theory, you only need 4 wires ...
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How to build a fast local area network

Here in early 2017, judging from information readily available online, it looks like the fastest SATA HDDs max out at around 220 MegaBytes/sec, which is 1.760 Gigabits/sec. So if you're just trying ...
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How to support more than 500 users at one time on a WiFi network

Your questions answered one-by-one: Are there routers that allow simultaneous connection of more than 200 users? YES - I'm not making product recommendations so simply search using your favorite ...
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What do different types of LAN IP addresses mean?

There are many questions which deal with this but here is a crash course on what are called 'Private IP Addresses' as defined in RFC 1918 IP addresses were broken up in to what are called classes as ...
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Alias for IPs in the home LAN network

In addition to Yamakaja's answer, this is how you setup a local DNS server. First, you need a computer you want to run the DNS server on. This can be one of your normal computers (if they run Linux ...
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Does upload and download speed share Wi-Fi bandwidth?

Very much "this will be split", but with additional losses, so you will get significantly less then half the speed! Wi-Fi is half duplex, so a device can only send or receive at one time ...
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Can a LAN adapter cause a whole home network to crash?

Absolutely yes. There are many ways an Ethernet device can kill a network, especially a network with low consumer-grade equipment. It can spam out malformed packets, swamping the router. It can have a ...
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What is Windows command to convert machine name to ip address and vice versa?

in window 7 and later versions. to find ipv4 ip by hostname you can try following methods. For ipv4 ( ping hostname -4 For ipv6 (0000:0000:0000:0000:0000): ping hostname -6
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what's IPv6 analogue for IPv4 `arp -an` and "arp who-has"?

ip -6 neigh show Above command is to check arp table for ipv6
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Secure LAN within existing office LAN

First off: If you are under legal obligations to provide traffic separation, always get someone with the authority to do so to sign off on any plan as within the legal requirements before you begin ...
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Can I "trick" software into thinking a remote server is actually on my LAN?

You can use virtual private tunnels (VPNs) for that. VPNs allow you to create a private network tunnel over the Internet with other users, connecting you in a secure local network. There are ...
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Missing 1 pin in my Ethernet Port - Can I get 1gbit again?

Gigabit ethernet requires all 8 pins to connect. See the diagram below: You can buy a gigabit to USB adapter. Alternatively, the ethernet port can probably be replaced in the laptop by someone good ...
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Alias for IPs in the home LAN network

Yes it is, and there are two (or more?) options: Editing your hosts file (the lazy way) Depending on your operating system you will have to add an entry to your "hosts" file. You can find ...
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Mac OS X machine can’t reach other servers on the LAN

I know this question is old, but I just had a similar problem where I couldn't ping or connect in any way from my MacBook to any devices on network despite internet working fine on all devices meaning ...
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Multi-computer connection LAN via Ethernet

You won't need a modem but you will need a (cheaper) device called a hub or switch. For your purposes a router is a more sophisticated device than you will need, but it should also work. Plug a cable ...
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Can I use Cat6 cables on a Cat5 switch?

What makes Cat 5 and 6 cables different are their electrical specifications and therefore signal transmission capabilities. Category 6 cable has better specifications than 5 or 5e, enabling it to so ...
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How to support more than 500 users at one time on a WiFi network

I've heard that maximum amount of users that may connect via WiFi is 256 That number is close, however, they will be limited as to the connection speed they are are able to obtain. The rule of thumb ...
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Identical MAC Addresses on Network

Use a router to create a second subnet for your heatpump (or alternatively, for the Wi-Fi devices). MAC addresses are only relevant within the same L2 network they're on. If you insist on having ...
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How to get lan ip address as output in arch linux (Manjaro)

Linux iproute2 tools have been supporting JSON output since 2017. This output is then easily parsable with the jq utility (which is distributed in most distributions, including Manjaro) for use in ...
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Does upload and download speed share Wi-Fi bandwidth?

does upload and download speed share Wi-Fi bandwidth? I suppose the answer depends on which question you meant. If you meant: Can I use upload and download at the same time, so I get 300 Mbps in ...
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How to find IP address of router connected to another router?

As per this thread: You may make use of the ARP command to find the details of your router connected to another router. Connect to your Access Point (or the router 1 in your diagram). Open a Command ...
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How to use Wireless and Wired Connection both at a same time in Windows 7?

Some computers have a BIOS setting that determines this behavior. Whether this BIOS feature exists and where to find it is model-specific, but here are a couple of examples, which should at least help ...
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Does a consumer Router have a Switch built into it?

Yes. If the consumer grade router has several ports it means a switch is build into it. The first port (sometimes called WAN port) is usually used for the external network (internet), but the rest ...
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Security differences in going online by WiFI vs by Ethernet lan cable

802.11 WiFi uses the Ethernet interface, so all the security issues of Ethernet apply, plus the possibility of the data over WiFi being intercepted by, and possibly altered and retransmitted by a ...
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Windows 10 "Update Over LAN" Option Not Working

This feature is called Windows Update Delivery Optimization. Michael Niehaus from Microsoft makes it clear here that there are minimum requirements that must be satisfied for it to work. Here is a ...
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Why does a cat-5 cross cable work when connected between my computer and my switch?

This is able to be done because of the handy feature called Automatic Medium-Dependent Interface Crossover aka Auto-MDIX. When Auto-MDIX is enabled on an interface, the interface automatically detects ...
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What type of a modem/router/switch for LAN party where no internet access is needed?

Technically, a basic Ethernet switch is enough for LAN communications. All you really need is the ability to exchange packets, and switches & hubs do exactly that; and they most certainly work ...
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Only 100 Mbit/s over 1 Gbit/s network

The problem is likely in your cables. 1000BASE-T (gigabit ethernet on UTP) requires all four pairs of wires in the cable be connected correctly. If they are not, auto-negotiation will cause the ...
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