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48 votes

How can I create a sophisticated table like the one attached?

This can be done in excel. Firstly, you will need the circles being used to represent the data. These are available in a font called WingDings 2. Information on how to use the black medium circle and ...
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Enable word wrap for latex files only in vscode

You can use Language-specific settings. Add the following block in your user settings. "[latex]": { "editor.wordWrap": "on" }, To do this, open the command pallette (ctrl - shift - p), select ...
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40 votes

Is there a way to render LaTEX/MathJax for Slack Chatting client (web or app)?

I made a small script that installs MathJax in Slack's desktop client (basically the same solution as goatandsheep's, but with some Electron hacking). No server needed, supports both inline and ...
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27 votes

How can I create a sophisticated table like the one attached?

As Narzard pointed out, you can certainly do this in Excel, but if you want it to look like a 'professional' document, or are considering it for publication, go with LaTeX. These symbols are in the "...
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16 votes

How do I Configure 'org-latex-classes in .emacs?

Use the following: (with-eval-after-load 'ox-latex (add-to-list 'org-latex-classes '("report" "\\documentclass{report}" ("\\chapter{%s}" . "\\...
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Windows PDF viewer that auto-refreshes PDF when compiling with pdflatex

I know the question is old, but I think an important option is missing. As a lot of people use MiKTeX on Windows they already have TeXworks installed. The PDF viewer included with TeXWorks does ...
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7 votes

Vim slow at rendering the buffer with LaTeX syntax highlighting

The problem is, vim's regular expression engine is really slow, and I guess latex is pretty demanding on regex. I was able to get vim a bit faster by doing: :syn clear texSectionFold :syn clear ...
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6 votes

LaTeX vs Powerpoint for presentations

I'm using LaTeX-beamer-PDF because of its comprehensive and partly unique features: Math: With LaTeX the best mathematical layout is available Sketches: With the tikz package any technical sketch or ...
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5 votes

Symbol for statistically independent events in LaTeX, Unicode, etc

In Office 2013, the symbol ⫫ is shortcut key (2AEB, Alt+X).
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LaTeX display math alignment in Anki

First off, you Can't Do™ what you're trying to do with [latex]{{Recto}}[/latex]. I refer you to the manual: Media references to fields are not allowed. They may or may not display during review, and ...
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Sublime Text + LaTeXTools: How To Automatically Delete Generated Files After Compilation?

Method 1: Install the Sublime Text LaTeXTools package. By default the Command Pallet -> LaTeXTools: Delete temporary tiles is mapped to Ctrl-L, backspace by default: // super+l,backspace to ...
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4 votes

Unable to knit to PDF using TinyTeX: Missing *.sty file

I just ran into the same problem with pdflatex. Package grffile was updated several days ago, on 2019-11-08. The changelog reveals the cause: Recent changes in LaTeX and specifically the release ...
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4 votes

How to get box with rightward arrow symbol in MS word?

Is there any Unicode equivalent of it? You would have to combine a couple of Unicode characters: Unicode Character 'BALLOT BOX' (U+2610) ☐ or Unicode Character 'WHITE MEDIUM SQUARE' (U+25FB) ◻ With: ...
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Digitally sign latex pdf document with CA

There is an answer to this question on askubuntu: gpg --clearsign --output=signed.pdf input.pdf The user can check ...
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3 votes

Markdown to LaTeX conversion with a custom preamble using Pandoc

See also this answer on tex.stackexchange Adding headers and footers using Pandoc With pandoc 1.12.x and it’s new YAML metadata capabilities you could add all the information and all LaTeX-code you ...
3 votes

How do I use latexmk with MuPDF as the PDF previewer?

Configure latexmk for your user in the file ~/.config/latexmk/latexmkrc (per the XDG specification) containing $pdf_previewer = "mupdf". Specify the configuration's path: latexmk -pdf -pvc -r ~/....
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3 votes

How do I add a `\label` to a figure in an Org-Mode file that I'm going to export via LaTeX?

The reason your example does not work in all settings is that by default, org-mode replaces the #+NAME: fig:org_label you provide with an automatically generated label (to guarantee uniqueness); org-...
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3 votes

How do I cite software in LaTeX?

There is a @manual field that may fit better than @book for technical documentation, and thus software. Here, for instance, is the citation to The R Project for Statistical Computing @Manual{, ...
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3 votes

What is the best way to write Feynman slash notation in MS word?

I don’t understand the advanced features of the EQ field, either, but one simple trick that’s not obvious is that you can apply font formatting to the components of an overstrike.  For example, This ...
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3 votes

How to use the keyboard shortcut in anki to enter a LaTeX equation?

The way that the shortcut works is the following: Type the LaTeX expression in the field Mark the expression with the mouse (or Ctrl-A if it's just the expression in the field) Press Ctrl-T followed ...
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3 votes

What are the pandoc command line options to color and underline hyperlinks in PDF output?

A half solution, which colors the links is: pandoc -o output.pdf --variable colorlinks=true
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2 votes

LaTeX Equations in MS Word/OpenOffice?

In the recent versions of Word, you can insert a LaTeX equation, with Insert -> Symbols -> Equation -> Insert new equation. In the cell that appears you can write something similar to LaTeX ...
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2 votes

How can I link to a local file in a LaTeX document typeset with PDFlatex on Mac OS X?

I for sure that this works: The test plan is \href{run:test_plan.pdf}{here}. Where the file test_plan.pdf is in the same directory as the latex file that refers to it.
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2 votes

How can I perform a full texlive installation (all packages) in CentOS?

I eschewed the package manager in order to get a more recent version of texlive. TUG gives instructions for Installing TeX Live over the Internet. They give details for specific cases, such as an ...
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How can I perform a full texlive installation (all packages) in CentOS?

This is really the biggest of failure of CentOS/Fedora. For a while, Fedora had a similarly insane setup where a working texlive install would be, by count, more than half of the total packages ...
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2 votes

Type math formulas in Microsoft Word the LaTeX way?

I wrote a tools for Generating MathML, I improved the code form Devid, and add some functions for easy editing. Here is the Code: <!DOCTYPE html> <html> <head> &...
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2 votes

Type math formulas in Microsoft Word the LaTeX way?

Microsoft Office ProPlus Version 1902 with activated LaTeX Format. The following macro changes all LaTeX formulae delimited by pairs of $ within the current Selection of the Word document to Word ...
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Is there a way to render LaTEX/MathJax for Slack Chatting client (web or app)?

There is a slack plugin on github, check it out Also there are Latex plugins from community mentioned by Slack itself Cheers
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2 votes

Is there a way to render LaTEX/MathJax for Slack Chatting client (web or app)?

We just built an app to embed LaTeX into Slack But to work on web/mobile/desktop without installing custom software on every system, it has to render as images. Disclosure: I’m ...
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