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Procedure to update portable LibreOffice

Should I just unpack the newer version over the existing one (leaving obsolete files there, also possibly over-writing customizations, or making installed extensions unavailable) This is the way to ...
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LibreOffice - Is it possible to increase the contrast between the scroll bar sliders and the scroll bar background?

LibreOffice uses its own backend to handles UI called VCL (Visual Class Library). In essence, this allows the use of most if not all UI Frameworks. The scrollbars and scrollbar sliders are configured ...
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Access LibreOffice Autotext templates from command line

These files are compressed archives that use standard ZIP compression algorithms. First, decompress them using any ZIP decompression tool, such as 7-Zip or Peazip. When you decompress the archives, ...
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Is there a way I can get previous messages from a mailing list into my mailbox?

I would suggest having a look at the RSS feed for that mailbox, which is available from[email protected]/info.html This will allow you to get some or all of the ...
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LibreOffice Impress macro is only half functional when used in presentation as opposed to outside

According to, go to a slide index with: oController.gotoSlideIndex(n) Or to a named slide with: oController.gotoBookmark(&...
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