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How to actually select only odd or even rows from a selection in LibreOffice Calc?

Use IsOdd(Row()) and IsEven(Row()) functions to make two columns of Boolean TRUE/FALSE based on even or odd row. Multiply Boolean (TRUE = 1, FALSE = 0) by value in number column. Sum Even and Odd ...
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Are the Liberation fonts 100% compatible with Microsoft Office?

This page says that the Liberation font family "aims at metric compatibility" with its Monotype counterpart; but what does this mean in practice? What it means is, that if you get a ...
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Display first letter of each word in Libreoffice Calc cell

This can be done with a simple formula in the form of =left(A1)&mid(A1,find(" ", A1)+1,1) The left(cell) function looks for the leftmost character. The mid(cell,start,length) function ...
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