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how can I recover sound on Linux Mint

quite maddening: there are user settings under advanced where you can deny access to certain devices to the user. audio devices were unchecked. I did not do that and it must have happened as a result ...
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How do I install the newest Linux kernel (6.5 currently) on Linux Mint (21.2 Victoria currently)

Due to the build image update I don't think the mainline kernel works for 6.5+. However You can use apt to install sudo apt install linux-oem-22.04d I guess it might be based on kernel v6.5.0. If you ...
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Disk encryption password prompt doesn't appear - Linux Mint 17.1

For me, I couldn't even get into the "text based login" by pressing Esc, but like you, if I entered my password by just typing blindly, I could log in. I fixed it by adding nomodeset to /etc/...
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