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"ls: cannot open directory '.': No such file or directory" in Git Bash (in VS Code terminal)

This can happen when the current working directory is deleted or moved away from underneath you. Example using two terminals/sessions (I'll put a no-op : 1; and : 2; in front of each command to ...
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How to install sox for PyTorch audio?

I had the same issue you need to install libsox-dev package sudo apt install libsox-dev This solution worked for me on ubuntu
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Permission Denied error when trying to run my app as a service with systemd

The synopsis of chown is the following: chown [OPTION]... [OWNER][:[GROUP]] FILE... You are giving it mygroup:myuser as arguments which is the wrong way around. Use: sudo chown -R myuser:mygroup /...'s user avatar
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Is there any other way to get IPTables to filter IP addresses based on geolocation in Ubuntu (LTS)

Building on Giacomo's answer from 2015.... Now in 2023, MaxMind now requires you to go through a login process and generate a (free) license key in order to download the CSV files automatically. ...
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