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Hard time understanding LUKS encryption

As others said, your files will be exposed when the luks container is open. In order to prevent access to those files, you need other security mechanisms, such as proper firewall rules, proper access ...
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Hard time understanding LUKS encryption

LUKS encrypts a partition - not a file - so when the LUKS partition is decrypted and the filesystem exposed, the data is copied. While not identical, LUKS is conceptually very similar to Bitlocker if ...
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Hard time understanding LUKS encryption

Files on a Luks encrypted filesystems are protected while on the filesystem. When you copy files off of the filesystem, you lose that protection. Most Luks encryption are whole drive or partition. ...
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How to permanently delete a LUKS encrypted partition?

I have just realized that one must close LUKS partition encryption in order to delete it in GParted… Issue solved.
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Converting Linux partition to crypto_LUKS

You cannot luks-encrypt a device/partition with a mounted filesystem. Depending on how your system is currently configured, there are some ways around this, but they require plenty of knowledge about ...
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Booting a LUKS-encrypted drive with a flash drive, falling back to keyboard

I don't know if the /etc/crypttab stuff actually would work, but I did manage to get this working using just the grub configuration. It turns out that this was actually quite well documented on the ...
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