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Try that command, it should show you the stripe size of each LV (-a) in the last column of output: lvs -ao +lv_full_name,devices,stripe_size Example output, though no striping configured: root@puppet [130] ~ > lvs -ao +lv_full_name,devices,stripe_size LV VG Attr LSize Pool Origin Data% Meta% Move Log Cpy%Sync Convert LV ...


if you can get it to mount in WSL, you could just make it a samba share, if all youre trying to do is gat data off it. or something like imdisk to mount a windows-readable partition over network from wsl


Yes its possible. A main point of lvm is it abstracts the disk away from the partitions so even if you free up blocks at the end of the disk (or in this case before the start of the next partition) lvm will allow you to add it to an existing partition because it maps the blocks internally. The only tricky bit herr is shrinking lv1, brcause it already has ...


I turns out that the problem was just that mkswap had changed the UUID of the swap file. I found the old UUID with: cat /etc/initramfs-tools/conf.d/resume RESUME=UUID=5caa6a65-ce03-4da5-aac2-9a9686c934d7 And then redid the mkswap command, forcing the original uuid: swapoff -a mkswap --uuid 5caa6a65-ce03-4da5-aac2-9a9686c934d7 /dev/mapper/dell--mini--vg-...

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