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Remap MX Keys Right Option/Control to Right Command on Mac

Logitech MX Keys has these shortcuts: Fn+P for 3 seconds, Windows layout Fn+O for 3 seconds, MacOS layout
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How do I resize an APFS Volume to reclaim all space inside its container?

I realize this is an old thread, but I recently upgraded the original 256GB SSD on my early 2013 MacBook Pro 15” Retina (running Catalina natively) to a 1TB SSD using Clonezilla and I initially had ...
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How to have 5 different always-on-top notes, one on each screen?

To achieve this functionality on macOS, you have a few options, including using dedicated note-taking applications, floating widgets, or combination of tools. Here's a step-by-step guide using some of ...
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Why is my SD card not empty when I deleted all items?

Next time you remove an item from an SD card or similar, hold the Option key when pressing Cmd + Delete. Instead of moving it to the bin with your other stuff, it will remove immediately.
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Mac does not handle multiple Bluetooth peripherals properly

I'm experiencing a similar issue. I have three devices paired simultaneously: a Logitech Crown keyboard, an MX Master 2, and OnePlus wireless Bluetooth earbuds. Most of the time, they work smoothly, ...
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Finder does not show content of an SMB network share

Just to mention that I am experiencing the same issue on a DS211+ and the only workaround which works consistently for me is to FTP my NAS and upload my files using FileZilla. Curious, are your ...
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OSX: create keyboard shortcut for a unicode character

In continuation to SpinUp__A Davis's answer you can also use (in the same ~/Library/KeyBindings/ location and using DefaultKeyBinding.dict as file name) the recommended dictionary format using xml ...
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How can I sync the 'Downloads' folder with iCloud Drive on macOS without disrupting AirDrop functionality?

Ch'en Meng's answer didnt work for me but this did. Move anything you dont want deleted out of your Downloads folder in your User directory. the command 'sudo rm -r ~/Downloads' WILL PERMANENTLY ...
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How do I remove the EFI Partition on my USB using Mac OS X 10.11?

Facing the same problem when try to load a USB-C disk on iPhone 15. Deleting the ExEFI EFI partiton doesn't work. Same result formatting the disk in various method, with combination of GPT and MBR ...
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How to add a Mac user account to the deamon group — in order to install FileMaker Server in order to r&w my own data with a shell script in FMS?

I have found the solution! Open Terminal window and invoke su sudo su Paste the following commands to create user "fms" in the group "daemon": dscl . -create /Users/fms dscl . -...
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Command–Grave accent (⌘`) not switching between Safari 17 windows on mac OS Sonoma

I have noticed that it only occurs if we change the input keyboard from US to Brazilian or US international for example
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Zoom Changes Window, everytime someone starts Sharing Screen

A quick web search showed this process: In the Zoom client open Settings On the left side click Share Screen At the top of this window in the section titled "Window size when screen sharing"...
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Are there any keyboard shortcuts to minimize or maximize a window in macOS?

Keyboard Shortcut for full-screen: Hold Command (Cmd) and Control (Ctrl) then press F
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How can I change the default starting folder for a specific application launched from finder on Mac

TLDR In your init.lua, init.vim, or other appropriate config file: for {init}.lua: -- Ensure the default directory is the home directory vim.cmd [[ autocmd VimEnter * cd ~ ]] for {init}.vim: " ...
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macOS Documents size bug

I had faced similar issues, I used cleanMyMac space lens tool to understand what is taking space and user terminal and good old finder to erase the trace files. the free trial is useful to understand ...
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Remove build in Apache httpd on macOS (OSX)

On my MacOS 14.4 the command-line to stop the internal Apache is: sudo launchctl bootout system/org.apache.httpd
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In Mac OS, how to always HIDE toolbar in fullscreen mode?

If I understood your question correctly, this should do the trick: Go to "System Preferences" Open the "Control Center" Scroll down to the bottom and change "Automatically ...
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macOS Documents size bug

As per your picture on the left, the Documents folder (which opens after clicking on Get Info) shows ~ 6 KB. This folder is in the location /Users/timothysmith/Documents. Note that Macintosh HD > ...
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