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ssh -X warning: X11 forwarding request failed on channel

You need to put the XAuthLocation in the Mac's /etc/ssh/sshd_config file. Also: are you sure xauth is in /opt/X11/bin? When I used MacPorts to install it (sudo port install xauth) it got installed in /...
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Terminal is not fully functional warning with less but not with more (which is also less)

The same program can behave differently if it is being run with different parameters: in your first command it receives argv[] = {"less", NULL} as the command-line argument array, while the ...
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Mirror screen from Mac to another Mac running old OS

Use VLC on the Mini. In a situation like this, it's far simpler to 'pull' from the older Mac than try to 'push' from the newer. All you need do is set your MacBook to share the media drive. System ...
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MacOS Ventura can't give permissions (OpenCore)

The instructions above with tccplus worked for me - but I couldn't enter the commands in one line in terminal. Instead when I got to this part I entered: cd ~/Downloads/ chmod +x tccplus ./tccplus add ...
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