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One finger scrolling on a MacBook touchpad

I created a free and open source app called Scroller which does this. It allows you to hold down the option key and move the trackpad to scroll. The steps to get it working are on Github. The code is ...
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how to pipe output from a command in its own shell?

The following is from man say. If the input is a TTY, text is spoken line by line.... Otherwise, text is spoken all at once. Below is what you are using. ollama run llama3:latest | tee >(say) ...
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Issue Logitech ergo keyboard: Cannot write greater or less than symbols on Mac (< >)

In my case I had to change the keyboard type. Open settings -> Keyboard -> Change Keyboard Type Then you will see the assistant which will ask you to click on the button beside the shift key, ...
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how to merge two full screen chrome tabs in mac OS?

A faster way is to left-click on the tab you want to move, then while pressing the Shift key, click on the other tabs you want to move together, and then finally drag those selected tabs to the ...
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