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If you have experience with Java or Python then you could use either Apache POI or openpyxl respectively, which is probably what I would do for a complex modification of an excel workbook. Alternatively, you could just do it manually by copy/pasting rows and columns that need to be moved around. There really isn't any quick and easy way to do something ...


Sub Datasheet_MC_V1() ' Datasheet_MC_V1 Macro Dim Filemane As String n = Sheets("Loop").Range("C1").Value For i = 2 To n + 1 Sheets("Loop").Select Range("A" & i).Select Selection.Copy Sheets("For Looping").Select Range("A2").Select ActiveSheet.Paste Filename = Cells(4, 2).Value MkDir "C:\Users\Raam\Desktop\Excel marcro for datasheet\" & ...


Draw a shape on the slide, give it an Action Setting of Run Macro: your macro name. Now you can fire the macro during slide show by clicking the shape. This may or may not work the way you want when in Presenter view. Test if you need to use that.


You may need to set the scaling for Outlook if you are using a high DPI display on Win 10. Step 1) Use file explorer to find out where the outlook.exe file is actually located and navigate to that folder. Step 2) RIGHT click on the outlook.exe; a menu will pop up on the left - select 'Properties' at the bottom of the menu; this will pop up a new window; ...

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