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MusicBrainz Picard not writing album directory name

After you use 'Lookup' to find the album in the database: you can inspect the items in the Right-hand section and see that they have the correct metadata (Track titles AND Album title). Pull down ...
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Why some metatags have "/" in the end and some don't?

The presence or absence of a "/" at the end of a meta tag depends on whether the tag is a self-closing tag or not. A self-closing tag is a tag that does not require a closing tag because it ...
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Using ffmpeg to copy metadata from one file to another

When using ffmpeg at a file which has metadata (like a title) in its streams, you need to use -map_metadata again, as it will not hold those metadata in the new output
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How to use ffmpeg to add metadata to an AAC file without reencoding?

This has been fixed many years ago according to this ticket. use the option -write_apetag ex: ffmpeg -i video.mp4 -vn -acodec copy -write_apetag 1 -metadata title="My Title" audio.aac
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Bulk MKV Metadata Removal - Batch Scipt

I used this from the Windows commandline with WSL bash: Windows/WSL/bash/ find . -name "*.mkv" -exec bash -c 'for f; do mkvpropedit --tags all: "${f%.*}.mkv" ; done' -- {} + The ...
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How do I retrieve a PDF page's boxes info?

How do I retrieve a PDF page's boxes info? Use pdfinfo: pdfinfo -box filename.pdf -box Prints the page box bounding boxes: MediaBox, CropBox, BleedBox, TrimBox, and ArtBox. Source: pdfinfo(1) - ...
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How do I retrieve a PDF page's boxes info?

Retrieving this info isn't possible with a PDF viewer. The mentioned boxes are called boundary boxes or page boxes. BBox is the smallest rectangle that can enclose all the content on the page. ...
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How to change internal page numbers in the meta data of a PDF?

I'm extending the excellent answer from @hackerb9 with an example that will reset the page numbering of the whole pdf file to 1. This can be useful in case of weird or broken page numbering when ...
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