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How can earbuds+mic use a single audio jack?

Standard mono phone plugs have two separate electrical connections along the barrel, one at the end called the tip, for the audio signal, separated by a plastic ring from a second one called the ...
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How to enable remote microphone on remote desktop

Before connecting to the remote computer, click on Show Options > Go to Local Resources tab > click Settings in the audio configuration. You can enable the recording from your local PC to the remote ...
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Possible to use Bluetooth headset in Stereo mode with Mic?

Your headset needs to support aptX (https://www.aptx.com/products). This is a limitation of the bluetooth A2DP profile. Without aptX, it will not be able to receive hifi stereo sound one way while ...
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PC uses speaker of headset instead of microphone

Yes, you need an adaptor. These are the three main types of connector for mic/speakers/headset Image from CableChick - Understanding TRRS & Audio Jacks These are generally referred to by the ...
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Microphone not working on Windows 10 Version 1803

There's a microphone privacy options page. The latest insider's update has it blocking all apps by default. Hit Windows key and search for "microphone privacy settings" Hit "Allow access to the ...
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How can earbuds+mic use a single audio jack?

Audio jacks come in different versions. Some devices feature two separate jacks for speakers and microphone. The layout of these connectors is called TRS (tip-ring-sleeve). For speakers the top (tip) ...
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Audio not working in win 10 in virtualbox (virtualbox 5.1.2 + guest additions, macbook pro early 2011, osx el capitan)

had a similar problem (audio cracking/not working); what worked for me (Xubuntu as Host, VirtualBox 5.2.14) I found on stackoverflow marked off-topic: VirtualBox - open the settings for your Windows ...
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Mono + Mic instead of stereo sound for Bluetooth headphones on Ubuntu

Short answer : There is no solution as long as you are using Linux and a Bluetooth headset. Long answer: For music playback only A2DP is suitable, but it does not have an INPUT mode so use of the ...
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How can earbuds+mic use a single audio jack?

They use a different plug. These are the headphones plug (left) and microphone plug (right). The one on the left is called a "TRS" plug because of the Tip-Ring-Sleeve arrangement. The other ...
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Apps don't show up in camera and microphone privacy settings in MacBook

I have experienced the same issue when trying to record audio with Microsoft Powerpoint 2011 on macOS 10.14. Powerpoint does not show up in the list of app with access to the microphone (System ...
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Headset microphone not detected by Pulse und Alsa

After some more searching I found a post that told me to create /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base.conf with following contents: options snd-hda-intel model=dell-headset-multi After reboot the headset ...
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Headset microphone not detected by Pulse und Alsa

I have a headset (combined stereo headphones and mic) jack on my Dell PC with Ubuntu 16.04 and experienced the same problem. First use hdajackretask check that the problem is not related to the jack: ...
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How to hide the Microphone Camera on/off overlay on upper right corner of monitor in Windows

It seems that you have PowerToys installed on your PC. Open PowerToys Go to Video conferencing, Toolbar position. Change it from there. If there is no option to hide it, you can set "Enable ...
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Is it possible to use a bluetooth headset mic while having High quality sound

Short: No Long: There are so called Profiles in Bluetooth, and only one can be active at a time. A2DP supports one-way HQ audio. HSP/HFP support two-way audio, but only in a shitty quality (HFP 1....
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How to easily test microphones in windows 10?

You can also test your mic online. https://www.onlinemictest.com/
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Drivers for headphones with in-line mic and remote control

This depends on the connector, look at the tip of the headphone jack, and count the stripes: The jacks on computers (PCs anyway, not Macs!) are typically 3 conductor TRS so they will only work for ...
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Emulating microphone input to Chrome inside Docker container

I managed to find a solution to this. The basic concept is fairly simple, but it has a couple of gotchas to work around. The solution involves making use of pulseaudio's ability to create virtual ...
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Apps don't show up in camera and microphone privacy settings in MacBook

Solution Successfully tested on Monterey 12.2.1 BigSur 11.7.4 Ventura 13.3, 13.6 (See the bottom of the answer for other versions) Make a backup copy of the TCC database, just in case: cp ~/Library/...
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How to create a new pipewire virtual device that to combines an real input and output into a new input?

If you want to mix your voice input (mic) and the output of music player, then the setup would be like this: Music player -\ -> Combined Sink/Source -> Virtual Microphone -> ...
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Apps don't show up in camera and microphone privacy settings in MacBook

In my case, I won’t get the camera, mic permission prompt at all. Camera section in Security and Privacy won't populate with any app at all. Checked the console and found out that every time I tried ...
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Microphone volume at maximum yet too quiet

In your specific case there could be a driver version difference or any enhancement employed. Try exporting CurrentControlSet reg branches in your two environments and text diffing them. Let us know ...
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spectrum analyzer that shows 'live' input from the microphone

Just found this one: http://friture.org/ Testing it now.
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How to easily test microphones in windows 10?

Right click on the volume button down the bottom right of your taskbar and go to properties, go to the recording tab to see if you're microphone is there. If it is there, click on it and see if you ...
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What is this thing?

I used to have a TV card with a remote. The remote receiver was an IR diode in a casing, connected to the card via mini jack – just like the thing in question. Notice the "REMOTE" label below: The ...
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Microphone not working on Windows 10 Version 1803

In addition to Go to Settings > Privacy > Microphone (left column) Make sure "Microphone access for this device is on" And switch "Allow access to the microphone on this device" to on as Ermish's ...
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Microphone gets recognized by windows and driver software but other software doesnt recieve input

allow mic access in settings - privacy - microphone, new change in the latest windows 10 update 1803
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Always use laptop mic when headset is plugged in

I had the same problem for over a year. Gosh, how many different things I tried, don't even get me started. Finally, today is the day I managed to resolve it. Recently, there was an update (bet it ...
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No sound from games or video when Bluetooth headset is used as input

Bluetooth headphones may two devices - one intended for Playback and one intended for communications (w/ the mic). The trick is to disable the playback and recording device for communications. A bit ...
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Why is my microphone's input a constant low air sound?

TRRS jack in TRS Port You are using a TRRS jack (as in the picture you provided) in a TRS audio port. The audio ports on your HP 18E4 motherboard are TRS, including the dual use port (headphone &...
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Manually set the microphone volume in Dragon NaturallySpeaking

I signed up just to answer! I have version 13.5 but I bet this is the same in yours. There are two ways to do this. First way Reset audio calibration data. I think this resets EVERYTHING - so if ...
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