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How do I stop my microphone's volume from automatically decreasing, on Google Hangouts?

This solution is specific to the Google Chrome browser: Goto chrome://flags in your browser's URL input Search for "microphone" For the option labeled "Allow WebRTC to adjust the input ...
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Can a Headset (microphone+audio) work with a USB soundcard?

I had the same question- my sound card is messed up so I want to use the USB sound card as well- and my headset(s)- I have a couple- all have the single jack but the USB sound card has separate audio ...
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Listen tab not available in Windows Microphone Properties

Download Virtual Audio Cable or install a virtual audio driver, it won't fully satisfy you're needs but I've done this and it helps with Windows XP and Vista, since computers are old or drivers don't ...
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How to stop apparent speaker-to-mic sound filtering / noise cancellation?

Just found the solution in my case, but I don't know if it'll work for you too, since it appears you had been able to play audio just fine a few times before, while on a video call with the same ...
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