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How to make cell in Excel unclickable and unactive even when click?

To protect only certain cells, columns or rows in Excel: Press Ctrl+A to select all the cells of the sheet Right click and choose "Format cells" Go to the Protection tab and uncheck "...
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How to sort in column and row in order to get specific data in table Excel?

Assume the date you want to lookup is in cell B7, and type you want to lookup is in B8. The column is selected by using MATCH(B8,C2:D2) The row is selected using MATCH(7,B4:B5) So the value you want ...
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Need Formula to calculate number of months into 2023 given duration and start date

use: =IFERROR(MONTH(MIN(EDATE(A2-1,B2),DATE(2023,12,31))-MAX(A2,DATE(2023,1,1))),0) We basically just subtract the max between column A and the first of Jan from the min between the date plus the ...
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