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Non-macro solution to exclude non-blank empty strings from in-cell data validation lists

I ran into this same issue and found a way to resolve. Following the example shared by AjimOthy, include a count formula below A1:A15 (let's say A16 will be this cell). It will only count cells above (...
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Why are my columns disappearing after I refresh the data?

You ARE in fact "losing" column S. True, I'm sure, not part of the original query, but clearly now the query does actually produce a column of data that is placed overtop the current ...
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Multiple total and/or head rows in Excel table possible?

I just wondered the same question and came up with a workaround: "SummExp" & CHAR(10) & REPT("-",10) & CHAR(10) & "Diff" and for the total rows something ...
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Paste html into Excel 2010 without Excel parsing the html

The best way is to use "Data" tab >> "From Web" and enter the URL in the dialogbox. [![enter image description here][1]][1] If it requires authentication, an easy way is to ...
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