Application suite from Microsoft which includes always Word, PowerPoint and Excel. Depending on what edition of Microsoft Office you have you can also have OneNote, Outlook, Publisher and Access.

Recent Versions of Microsoft Office

Stand-alone license/version for Windows

Subscription based license/version for Windows and MacOS

In addition to the stand-alone Office installations/versions Microsoft also offers a subscription license called Microsoft 365. Microsoft 365 installations offer continues updates to the latest Office version. Although the newest stand-alone versions usually offer the same features as Microsoft 365 they are two software products develop separately.

Microsoft 365 also incorporates all of the cloud-based "software as a service"-products like etc. Usually, with more features when compared with their free counterparts.

Stand-alone license/version for MacOS

There are also versions for OS X, generally grouped under , or individually:

Applications Included in Microsoft Office

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Alternatives to Microsoft Office / Microsoft 365