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MS Excel graphs do not follow decimal separator setting

After changing the separators, the chart must be refreshed, i.e. the sheet must be scrolled so that the chart is drawn again or another sheet must be activated for a moment.
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How to make Outlook close to tray

I'm a software developer and I got fed up with waiting on Microsoft to add the ability to do this, so I wrote a program to do it myself Only works ...
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Office files only open with Run as Admin

I don't know why the @user2991288's answer was donwvoted, but in my case it was also the issue with Windhawk. As the threads on Microsoft answer sites (e.g. here) have been closed, I'm adding it as an ...
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Office files only open with Run as Admin

Also a tool named WindHawk (that injects into other process adress space) can cause exactly this. Just uninstall Windhawk or add Office into it's exclusion list.
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How can I ensure that the text prints perfectly aligned with the lines on the paper?

This is extremely difficult to do, because it relies on the alignment of the printer. I hope the paper was flat when it went in, and was creased after it was printed. If it's not perfectly ...
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With Microsoft switching to Aptos, what happens to the other ClearType fonts?

I think you misunderstand ClearType. ClearType is a suite of fonts related by technology, not design language: ClearType is a software technology developed by Microsoft that improves the readability ...
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With Microsoft switching to Aptos, what happens to the other ClearType fonts?

The article you linked says the only change is to the default font. There is no mention at all of removal of fonts. It specifically states that the former default fonts, Calibri and Times New Roman,...
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Are the Liberation fonts 100% compatible with Microsoft Office?

This page says that the Liberation font family "aims at metric compatibility" with its Monotype counterpart; but what does this mean in practice? What it means is, that if you get a ...
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Is it possible to show a different data series in the data table below a chart (for example, to show a percent growth rate)?

A workaround I don't know if it is possible to use that feature for your purpose, at least in the way you imagined. I can suggest a workaround: for the labels of the second series, for example, you ...
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MS Word: Create cross-reference linking to the top end of a figure, instead of figure labeling text below the image

I wanted to share a "dumb" but simple approach. The journal I'm preparing a document for wants figures labeled with "Fig. #", so I created a new label using References > Insert ...
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Make a left panel not auto collapsible in MS Teams

The zoom did it for me. I was at 105% and got the "pinning" back when I lowered it back down to 100%. Had no idea why this started happening. This makes perfect sense. Thank you for the ...
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