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How do I replicate Gmail's archive behavior in Microsoft Outlook 2013?

This may be old, but I think I have figured out a solution to this. Gmail effectively removes the inbox tag from an email when you click archive. However, the email remains in the Gmail/All Mail ...
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How can I find all encrypted and/or signed emails in outlook?

The criteria for a custom search folder would be (Search Folder Criteria | "Advanced" tab | "Field" button | All Mail Fields): Message Class contains IPM.Note.SMIME (for both signed/encrypted ...
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Way to Schedule Follow-Up Meeting using Outlook 2013 Meeting Invites?

In Outlook 2016: In calendar view, select meeting In ribbon, select "Reply All" File > Save (or ⌘S) to save as draft Close the draft window Go to Drafts folder On ribbon, click "Meeting" (small ...
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Wrong week number in Outlook

Yes, you can set week numbering in Outlook: go to file - options in the left column select "Calendar" in the "work time" group there is a field "first week of year", here select "First 4-day week" (...
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How do I know in an accepted a outlook meeting request that I am required or optional

Here are two options: Open the meeting in the calendar view and click on the scheduling assistant button - this lists all invitees with their required/optional status Add some custom formatting to ...
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Completely remove Outlook up and start afresh

Shockingly, you can delete all your profiles and even uninstall, reboot, and reinstall Outlook and still have nasty issues that linger. Some stuff that will not be reset includes.... Any VBA scrips ...
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How to change job title in Outlook 2013

You need to talk to your IT department, This information is coming from Active Directory and only they can change that.
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How to quickly change the editing language in Outlook

I've added language to my quick access toolbar, so in my case it's just pressing Alt+2 to change the language.
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How to set yourself as "Not Attending" for an instance of a recurring meeting you've Organized?

Potential Workaround: If your concern is to keep your calendar free during that time slot, you can set the "Show As" to "Free" on the meeting stub and your calendar will appear free during that time ...
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Can I selectively disable the "This location may be unsafe" warning in Outlook for certain protocols?

Apparently, you can. This KB article describes the procedure (for 2007/2010, but the same thing works in 2013) in its "How to enable or disable hyperlink warnings per protocol" section. In brief, to ...
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Outlook preventing Windows from shutting down

This option is available inside the settings. Go to File -> Options -> Advanced. Here you'll see a section called "Outlook start and exit" and one of the options in here is a checkbox for emptying ...
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How to change the Body font in Outlook

This is I believe the simplest way to answer your specific question, which is changing the font defined as the "Body" font in a template. The other answers have nuggets of correct information but this ...
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Completely remove Outlook up and start afresh

In the recent versions of Outlook the Mail option in the Control Panel has been removed. Even so, you can use the /profiles switch for outlook.exe to open the Outlook Mail Profiles window even if ...
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How to propose a new meeting time on a recurring meeting series?

Outlook 2016: We can propose new time for a SINGLE instance of the meeting alone. There is no option to propose a new time for the entire series. So, I guess the simplest option is to mail the ...
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Outlook deletes an email when I am in quick reply and try to delete text

I only had to close and then re-open Outlook and that fixed the delete key issue. On a side note, I find that with the vast majority of Outlook problems, a new Outlook Profile fixes just about all of ...
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How to remove outlook add-in when it is not listed in COM Add-ins

This was a head scratcher, and the only way I figured it out is when I noticed that the Boomerang and Evernote icons were only shown in Outlook 2016 when I was looking at an Outlook.com (for me, ...
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Read the full out of office (a.k.a. vacation) notice in Outlook

If you put your mouse on the message, an hover box with the full message should appear.
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Wrong week number in Outlook

Outlook uses whatever you set in its calendar options. The default setting is sometimes wrong and does not necessarily correlate with your Windows region settings. This screenshot is from Outlook ...
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Is there any way to use the Room Finder without any Room Lists?

From what I found out, the Room Finder will only work if you use the dedicated "Select Rooms" dialog (available via the buttons "Rooms..." or "Add Rooms...") and directly enter rooms there. When you ...
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Outlook 2013 / Windows 8.1: Delete e-mail from notification toast

The solution as explained here is to run Outlook in Vista compatibility mode. Find the location of the file OUTLOOK.EXE (not its shortcut, the real file), something like: C:\Program Files (x86)\...
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Why is Outlook preview pane showing HTML, not text?

I didn't find an answer to why it was showing the HTML for some users. However I did find a solution to how to prevent it happening. I found some old blog articles which suggested various things. e....
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How to run a macro on a shared mailbox in Outlook 2013

To run it on share inbox, Try Modifying your vba code Example Private Sub Application_Startup() Dim Ns As Outlook.NameSpace Dim Folder As Outlook.Folder Dim olShareName As Outlook.Recipient ...
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Outlook inbox unread count wrong (IMAP)

I am also posting the solution, because I did not find this solution anywhere. The solution has to do with IMAP flags that might prevent some items from being shown. Follow these steps: Mark the ...
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Set Outlook Default PDF Previewer

Within Microsoft Outlook, go to "File" menu and click "Options". Select the "Trust Center" link. Click on the "Trust Center Settings..." button. Select the &...
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How to remove or update rules from older versions of Outlook?

Log into Outlook Web Access. Select Options then All Options (or whatever it might be called), Organize E-Mail and then Inbox Rules. I had rules listed here, not listed in Outlook proper.
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Wrong week number in Outlook

Mac users may have noticed that their version of Outlook doesn't have the "first week of year" setting available. Instead, Outlook uses the settings configured in macOS. Depending on your ...
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Appointment showing as tentative even after accepting it multiple times

I was/am having the same issue. It only affected some appointments and there did not seem to be any exclusive pattern to the ones affected. I say 'exclusive' because although all affected meetings ...
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Drag and drop image from Windows Explorer to Outlook email (2013) as inline image

Add "Copy as image" to the Explorer context menu. Paste in Outlook. Part 1: nircmd Use the utility nircmd to copy the file to the clipboard as an image. Then, paste the image into Outlook. nircmd....
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Outlook 2013 - Signature is squished in Signature editor

This answer is an addition to SPYDOR's answer which is on point ... You can find your signatures in the folder %userprofile%\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Signatures (on the Windows platform). You will ...
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How to find the next free slot for an appointment with Outlook 2013?

Shortcuts: 1. Meeting ribbon ↑ 2. Bottom left corner ↙ Detailed text description: Select the date and time you want to "find from". Add all participants respecting Optional and To fields. Go ...
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