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Is a half-length PCI Express x8 Gen 3 card compatible with a PCIe x4 Gen3 slot?

You need the card to fit physically into one of the slots and be compatible with PCI-e version and number of lanes. (links lead to questions that explain these aspects in more generic terms) According ...
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Strange computer startup

According to the page 31 on the HP G1 800 User Manual you have an issue with the RAM modules inside the computer. You should be able to clear this problem by re-seating each RAM stick carefully. If ...
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Adding power to my motherboard prevents it from starting

Please make sure that you are using the right power connector. The EPS_12V connector looks similar to a PCIe power connector but the polarity is reversed and the keying may not necessarily prevent you ...
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BSOD Critical Process died maybe SSD related

I had exactly the same problem, except that the bluescreens appeared the other way around - they would only appear when doing mundane browsing, and not when gaming. For me the issue would appear in ...
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Computer restarts in 4 seconds after shutdown

Inspired by, I disconnected the power cable, then removed the CR2032 3V battery for 30 seconds and replaced it, then plugged the power cable again and restarted ...
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gpu on riser on main slot pcie x16 won't show in device manager?

In your BIOS, set the mode for the PCI slot with your riser to "Gen3".
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Replacing a PSU with higher wattage one

Make sure it fits (you have done that). Make sure all the required voltages on all lines are correct. Make sure the current capacity of each line is at least the minimum or more. Then overall, power ...
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