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How to mount possibly corrupt .img file

It was already clear the file system was damaged before you imaged it. Imaging or 'cloning' a damaged file system will not repair a damaged file system, it will just copy it, everything sector-by-...
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Install a new HDD in the same file directory as the old HDD

I would like to know if I could still write in /home/usr and have the storage used from the new one No, because the disk is currently mounted at /hdd, not at /home/usr. If you want to use the HDD for ...
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Optimizing NFS share for many small files

I ended up finding a solution that worked well for me, so wanted to post a follow-up for anybody also trying to solve this solution. I didn't have any luck trying to optimize the NFS connection, as it ...
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Mount failed on iso

I posit from the error message that "matlab" does not exist as a directory. Try first creating the directory to mount the ISO and then using full paths - eg mkdir -p /path/to/mount/matlab ...
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NFS mount on Windows 11: can't write to NFS share

That is NFSv3 not NFSv4. As far as I can tell, the latter is not supported by Windows 7..11, only Windows Server.
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How to cd into smb://[email protected] from terminal?

Since it looks like the remote share is already mounted, there's no need to mount it again (sure you can, but do you want to?). Instead you need to find where has it been mounted. Since you're using ...
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