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Since other drives mount in that USB port, assuming they're also USB 3.0 (which uses additional pins), then the likely issue is a faulty key in the Windows Registry, which tracks every USB device ever connected, rather than being due to physical damage to the port. It is usually safe to delete an external USB device's entry, since this data would be ...


I found this blog post very helpful in finding root device and primary disk in Linux. You'll need lsblk utility installed, which is provided by util-linux in CentOS/RHEL. For example, such a variant will give you the disk name of the root device: # lsblk -oMOUNTPOINT,PKNAME -rn | awk '$1 ~ /^\/$/ { print $2 }' sda3 findmnt from the same package will give ...


I was able to recover files from Ubuntu 18.04 guest on Windows 10 host (Virtualbox 6.0) as simply as opening the VDI file in 7-Zip by right-clicking the VDI file -> 7-Zip -> Open archive and drive contents was shown like any other archive.

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