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How to troubleshoot CIFS error -13 (Permission Denied)?

I had the same problem and fixed it. Try below command: smbclient -L server_name -U user_name -d=10 > output 2>&1 then grep -i ntlm output I then changed my fstab entry: //hostname/share /...
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Mounting ext4 drive with specified user permission

When you mount the first time an ext4 empty partition, only root can write to the root of this partition. But, if at the first time you mount the partition you execute: # chown -R your_user:your_group ...
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Force DISM to unmount/delete a mounted Windows WIM

Do this (replace c:\winmount with your mount point): dism /Unmount-Wim /Mountdir:C:\winmount /discard If you try /commit instead of /discard, often this will fail. This works even if dism /Get-...
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CIFS mount issues

\\\shares is a MS-DFS share, where certain folders are redirects (DFS junctions) to other shares stored on other servers. The DFS junctions are followed by the client, so the client needs ...
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