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Removing Windows PowerToys' Mouse Highlighter artifacts from screen

It turns out that the Mouse Highlighter has a hotkey combination Win-Shift-H to toggle the highlighter on and off. It turns out that the hotkey clears the artifacts! (I've only done it once and it may ...
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How do I change all of the cursors on my PC, not just the ones in customize settings in Windows 10 (Home)?

Aside from the 17 system-wide cursors that you have already found, each program that uses additional cursors provides its own, stored as resources in the program’s files. Modifying those hard-coded ...
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Relative Mouse only on Chrome Remote Desktop with Ubuntu

In case if someone else runs into this issue: Currently downloads version 120.0.6099.24. No idea why. It looks like this ...
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Permanently disable wake-on-mouse in Windows 10

I was having the same issue and I solved it by doing the following: Open Device Manager Unplug all USB devices except your mouse Click View In Device Manager | Devices by container Locate your device ...
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Disabling laptop monitor when external HDMI monitor is plugged in

you can write a bash script and put it to autostart, something like this create a new bash script, for example, #!/bin/bash # Get the name of the connected HDMI output ...
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Fix Bluetooth for Dell Precision M6700

The number of issues with this computer indicate to me there are multiple deteriorating components inside it. Power connections are a good place to start. If the internal Bluetooth chip is actually ...
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No reaction to click left mouse button - Windows 11

It might be that some application is stealing the mouse action through a hook. There are a number of applications that insert themselves into Windows Event handling, such as AutoHotkey and X-Mouse ...
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Random Scrolling issue with Logitech M560

I had the same problem and couldn't find an answer. I finally decided.. it must be HW and connected a 2nd M560 I had on my daughter's PC. After I paired it, it worked perfectly. I was going to ...
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Mouse shortcuts for Visual Studio (F5, F10, F11)

In addition to AHK above, I would recommend also StrokesPlus. (in my AHK Alt+LClick selects (<+LButton::) the whole text in input-editBox and copies it into clipboard, Shift+Alt+LClick selects the ...
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Window key does not bring up start menu and middle mouse button doesn't bring up scrolling

If on Windows 11, get the Windows 11 ISO (Media Creation Link) and download to a USB key. Start with the USB Key and run Setup on the key. This should launch the ability to do a Repair Install. ...
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Mouse Scroll Wheel does not scroll in *some* Excel worksheets

TLDR: try selecting all, unfreeze panes. Hi, this happened to me recently. Symptoms were an Excel spreadsheet, in which scrolling suddenly became disabled on the document and reopening it would not ...
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Is it possible to make mouse pointer bigger/enlarged when shaked (like in Mac OS), but in windows?

For that matter, Microsoft has their own addons in form of PowerToys. It will not enlarge/zoom the cursor on shake but it can highlight it instead.. plus plenty of other Windows lifehacks. https://...
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Mouse cursor randomly jumps to screen edges

I got the same laptop, installed archlinux, and immediately experienced this. After a few hours of monitoring libinput signals, I had enough suspicion that the Wacom pen input (not finger input) was ...
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How do I fix my right mouse buttonwhen it's not working on my Windows PC

If you know how, create a live USB install disk for Windows or a Linux distro. If the touchpad's right button does not work in that, its a hardware issue. If it does work, then its a software issue ...
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How do I fix my right mouse buttonwhen it's not working on my Windows PC

If an external mouse right button works, then consider switching to one. However, it could be there are OS issues, such as faulty drivers. Try installing the latest drivers from Dell. If that doesn't ...
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Relative Mouse only on Chrome Remote Desktop with Ubuntu

I noticed chrome-remote-desktop was being held back from being upgraded (I don't know why). I was able to upgrade it using: sudo apt update sudo apt satisfy "chrome-remote-desktop (>= 122)&...
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Logitech B170 - scroll wheel doesn't work (Windows 10)

I don't know if people are trying the correct way or not but Logitech B170 Mouse Scrolling isn't like any other mouse scrolling where you roll the scroll wheel up or down, the wheel does scroll but it'...
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Restrict mouse from moving to secondary monitor

Thanks to Jared for sharing his solution, which may help others find their own. I've found that the original links to the named tool are dead, and have found some open and accessible alternatives for ...
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